Style And Substance

Valuing style and substance –And knowing the difference between them

Self-confidence without arrogance, enthusiasm unfettered by cynicism, perseverance to withstand setbacks and active tolerance of others are qualities we admire and wish to see in our students. Above all we wish them to develop their own sense of integrity so that they can identify right from wrong and have the courage to stand for what they believe is true.

It is said that Coláiste Chiaráin students often appear confident and relaxed when in public.That they are self-assured, articulate and polite is both expected and applauded. We want our students to be socially adept. It is important however that they understand the difference between social style and substance of character.

Most students lead very busy, active lives. Sometimes the pressure to produce work of quality in a demanding schedule is tough but that, too, is an important lesson. Teenagers have a tremendous capacity to be productiveand creative and it is our responsibility to give them a challenging, supportive environment which enables them to achieve at levels of which they might not have otherwise have dreamt.

Students graduating from Coláiste Chiaráin know that they have to make their way in a competitive world and achieve success through their own effort and character

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