The Big Bang Theory-Is it true?

On Tuesday 31st Jan, Mr. James O'Shaughnessy along with Physics students from 5th and 6th Year attended a Lecture in the University of Limerick on the The Big Bang Theory..

The Big Bang is one of the best known theories of modern physics; it is a model of the origin of the universe that has important implications for philosophy, religion and society. But is it true?

The theory and evidence supporting the big bang model was explored and the limitations of the model was explained in an engaging and interactive presentation. Recent discoveries that have revolutionised our view of the universe were also discussed.

Cormac O’Raifeartaigh lectures in physics and mathematics at Waterford Institute of Technology. He has a PhD in physics from Trinity College Dublin and is a frequent participant in scientific debates in the Irish media. He writes regularly on physics in newspapers and magazines and is the author of the well-known science blog ANTIMATTER. He has just returned from a position as Research Fellow with the Science, Technology and Society program at Harvard University

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