An Ethos Of Care

Coláiste Chiaráin continually strives to improve and support the quality of the educational provision we offer. One such support is the provision of a supervised Evening Study, Monday to Thursday, each week, from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. It is our policy that we encourage all students to participate in evening study as it is a major proven advantage towards their academic progress and also contributes greatly to setting in place a structure, which many students need, in order to progress their studies. Furthermore, taking into account the length of the school day and in response to parents’ wishes, a wide variety of sports and activities are available after school each day, especially for First, Second and Third Year Students. For those availing of private transport, buses are provided every day after school and again at the conclusion of Evening Study, depending on needs. Transport to the college is always under review and is largely dependent on demand. The school authorities are happy to respond to parents’ suggestions, where feasible.

After school, also affords a wonderful opportunity for interested students to avail of a very comprehensive programme of instrumental music lessons, which avoids the need for undue interruption during the school day. In effect, this gives the opportunity for students to engage in recreational activities in a safe and supervised environment. The response by parents has been very positive and many have indicated their full commitment and support for such a balanced educational process.

In keeping with our commitment to innovation and accountability, Coláiste Chiaráin adheres to a comprehensive assessment and monitoring system, which is both pioneering and unique. All teachers’ carry out assessments over defined periods and at regular intervals throughout the school year. Furthermore, Deans’ continually monitor academic results and as a consequence, agree clearly defined targets with students and their parents.

About Us

  • Connecting Individuals Connecting Individuals
    Most of our students are drawn from across Limerick, and smaller numbers come from outside the city and county. Diversity has always been a Coláiste Chiaráin strength, and the range of nations, religions...
  • Style And Substance Style And Substance
    Valuing style and substance –And knowing the difference between them
    Self-confidence without arrogance, enthusiasm unfettered by cynicism, perseverance to withstand setbacks and active tolerance...
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