Day 10: Shady Maple & Lancaster

day 10 (a)

This was the part of the trip everyone was looking forward to....... Breakfast at Shady Maple. Shady Maple is an all you can eat buffet in Lancaster County. The selection of food was amazing with a huge range of meats, breads, pancakes, potatoes and desserts on offer. Some students needed to take a nap after the meal while others struggled to walk back to the bus.

day 10 (b)

They then drove through the Amish Community. Doug Landis, a teacher at Springford High spoke to them about the various traditions of the Amish Community. They stopped off at Strasberg to visit some pottery shops and buy some homemade ice cream. They then drove back to Royersford where everyone had a free evening.

day 10 (c)

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