Day 4 - Blarney and Cork City

Today was a very eventful day. The American students shadowed the Irish kids for the first class until 9:30 where they enjoyed the options Irish have including history, business, physics and much more. After the first class the Americans along with the ambassadors headed off too The model school!

Everyone enjoyed the model school. We were greeted by the principle where students showed the Americans how to play hurling and football. It was then followed by a brief history of the school. The best was saved for last though, we then got to interact with all the students at lunch time. Kids were excited to meet the Americans and learn about them. Before we left we went into the 2nd class where they preformed some of their first holy communion tunes on the tin whistle. For some of the Americans it was their first time hearing Irish traditional music and they all loved it!

We then returned to the school at 12:10 where we got lunch and everyone changed from their uniform into normal clothes to get ready for the evening activity which was a visit to Blarney castle and Blarney Stone.

Our first stop in cork was Blarney Castle. We were greeted by beautiful gardens and scenery. Everyone proceeded to go to Blarney castle and kiss the stone. We were all taken back by how high up we were and the processes of kissing the rock! We took plenty of photos and videos while visiting.

After visiting Blarney Stone we had two hours to explore cork city. We split into small groups there. Some people shopped and got some food! The Americans also got to experience the English Market and other attractions around the town!

We had a great day over all, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it and are now exhausted!



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