Day 5 - Shout Out, Presentations and Trad Night


Today the Irish had classes as usual from periods one to four while the Americans put the finishing touches on their presentations that were to be presented later.

 For periods five and six the Americans worked with Mr. Kelly and the Media and Production super option team to record their ‘Shout Out!’ video.

At two o’clock the Americans made their presentations to a group of students and teachers. There were presentations on slang, food, history, sport, pastimes and music! They even got the treat of hearing Stefanie Jacobson sing an American classic!

At half seven all the students on the exchange, their families and friends and even some teachers all met up in the Locke bar for a night of traditional Irish music! The school trad band was excellent as usual and we even had some students sing. It was a great night enjoyed by all!

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