Final Moments

Final moments: we all had an early rise Saturday morning. Everyone met at the airport for 6:30.

It was nice because we had some time allocated to say our good byes and for some "see you soon" as some people have planned to come back and visit Ireland in the near future. As the time drew closer to7:30, the tears kicked in for some, as our new best friends were about to walk through into customs. It really was hard saying good bye and not knowing who you will see again, but that's all part of our experience.


Not long after their flight from America was over, we were all interacting over snapchat, Facebook and twitter finding out how the flight was and telling everyone how we missed them!

Were all shocked that the exchange is over, but it has changed our life's a lot, and the experience is one that will never be had again. We have made amazing friends, and amazing memories!

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