Learning To Learn

A zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind are great attributes for a purposeful adult life. The ethos of Coláiste Chiaráin is to encourage our students to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability. A strong emphasis is placed on discussion, research and the use of resources to stimulate independent thinking.

One of the virtues of being in a large school is the extensive range of subjects, unequaled in most other schools. At junior level, these include the subjects: English, Mathematics, Irish, Science, History, Geography, Business, Civic Social and Political Education (CSPE), French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Core non-examination subjects include Physical Education, Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) and Religion. Optional subjects include: Home Economics, Materials Technology Wood, Materials Technology Metal, Art Craft & Design, Technical Graphics, Music and Technology.

A Fourth Year Programme is available in Coláiste Chiaráin covering approx. twelve different subject areas. Coláiste Chiaráin places significant emphasis on key preparation for the senior cycle. Critical subject areas are covered to a very high standard especially Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, and the continental languages. It is our experience that students will gain at least one grade at Leaving Certificate, having completed a successful Fourth Year programme. Other aspects include a four-week period of work experience for each student where students’ may explore career paths of choice. Furthermore, through our links with

the University of Limerick Sports Campus Arena, students spend one full day, each week throughout the year, based in UL. In terms of ICT skills, attention is directed towards further developing students, especially with regard to professional video editing and broadcasting. We are a registered official Microsoft Certified Testing Centre and follow the Microsoft Academy range of professional qualifications as part of our curriculum.

Our students follow an unrivalled range of continental languages including French, German, Spanish and Italian, in addition to Irish and English. Coláiste Chiaráin has a very particular commitment to mainstream European languages and this is reinforced by a creative approach to learning, which involves student exchanges, educational visits to our partner countries and wide use of new technologies in support of this strategy

At senior cycle, the college offers the following subjects, these include: English, Mathematics, Irish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Business, History, Geography, Biology, Physics, Music, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, Architectural Technology, Design and Communication Graphics, Engineering Technology, Technology, Art, Craft & Design, Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Religious Education, Career Guidance, Physical Education, Enterprise Studies (LCVP).

Uniquely, Coláiste Chiaráin currently offers seven periods of Mathematics and English at senior cycle. This represents our overwhelming commitment to examination preparation in key subject areas, at this level in particular.

About Us

  • Connecting Individuals Connecting Individuals
    Most of our students are drawn from across Limerick, and smaller numbers come from outside the city and county. Diversity has always been a Coláiste Chiaráin strength, and the range of nations, religions...
  • Style And Substance Style And Substance
    Valuing style and substance –And knowing the difference between them
    Self-confidence without arrogance, enthusiasm unfettered by cynicism, perseverance to withstand setbacks and active tolerance...
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