American Exchange 13/14

Final Moments

Final moments: we all had an early rise Saturday morning. Everyone met at the airport for 6:30.

It was nice because we had some time allocated to say our good byes and for some "see you soon" as some people have planned to come back and visit Ireland in the near future. As the time drew closer to7:30, the tears kicked in for some, as our new best friends were about to walk through into customs. It really was hard saying good bye and not knowing who you will see again, but that's all part of our experience.


Not long after their flight from America was over, we were all interacting over snapchat, Facebook and twitter finding out how the flight was and telling everyone how we missed them!

Were all shocked that the exchange is over, but it has changed our life's a lot, and the experience is one that will never be had again. We have made amazing friends, and amazing memories!

Farewell Dinner


Today we had the very sad Farewell Dinner. The dinner began at 6 PM. We had beautiful food prepared by the parents and hosts.
We heard from the chairperson of the board of management, and Noel Malone before starting dinner!
Everyone was so impressed with the food and so thankful. After dinner everyone enjoyed beautiful desserts, one of which was a cake that was decorated to represent the exchange.
The Americans got given some gifts also! A poster and a golden medal with their names on them and the school crest. It was an amazing night overall


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Aran Islands & Galway

Today everyone was up bright and early and on the bus for 7 a.m on route to Doolin. When they reached Doolin they boarded the Ferry to Inis Mòr... or so they thought. Not knowing the ferry stopped at Inis Oirr before reaching Inish Mòr all the teachers and students got off the boat only to realise it was the wrong Island! In the end it didn't matter because it was just as much fun. Everybody rented a bike and was giving free time to explore the Island. They split into groups and headed off to visit the hills, castles and even the shipwreck featured in the Opening scene of Father Ted! When people had finished exploring they all got back on the boat and went back to Galway. They all checked in to the Connaught hotel, had dinner in the hotel restaurant and headed off for a well deserved nights sleep.

Today was the last day of the Americans visit to Ireland. Everybody woke up in the Hotel, had breakfast and got on the bus heading for Galway City. They arrived at the Spanish Arch where the Galway food festival was situated and everybody got the chance to sample some Irish and European cuisine! They then had free time in Galway where the Americans and Irish got the chance to explore the historical and vibrant city. When everybody had finished their shopping and sightseeing they boarded the bus again to visit Pure Skills! Here everyone was split into groups of four and got to play sports including soccer, hurling, football, basketball, rugby, baseball, cricket and many more! Everybody, wrecked from two weeks of fun, retreated to the bus which travelled back to Limerick and all the Americans spent their last night with their host families dreading what was coming the next morning.

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Day 9: Free day with host families

Day 9: Free day with host families

Today the students spent that day with their host families. Some students took this opportunity to explore Limerick city and the Crescent shopping centre.

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