American Exchange 13/14

Day 8: Washington DC

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Today the students travelled to Washington DC and got a guided tour of the city. They visited sites such as the White House, Capitol Building and the Lincoln Memorial. The students also got the chance to explore the Smithsonian Museums and the streets of Washington DC. They stayed in a hotel in the city overnight and will be visiting Baltimore tomorrow.

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Day 7: Hockey Game

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Today the students went to school for the last time. The day started off cool and crisp but warmed up as the day went on. First the students went to the 8th grade centre to get a tour and to go into classes and answer as much questions as possible. After spending two periods in the 8th grade centre they continued into the high school and spent the rest of the day finding their own way to classes and partaking in class. When school finished all the students planned to go to the schools hockey game. Springford were playing Bishop-Shanahan and won with a final score of 8-2. After the hockey game all the students went home to relax and catch up on sleep for the next day.

Day 5: Presentations at Springford


Today was an eventful day for the exchange students as they shadowed their American counterparts for a full day of school. The Irish students were given an American partner and followed them to each and every class from as early as 7.40. All students fully experienced the thrill of a typical American classroom. Although the trek to each class was tiresome each and every student fully enjoyed themselves.


After school had finished at 2.20 the Irish students went to the 9th grade auditorium to deliver their presentations. The topics ranged from sport to Irish slang. Even though the audience was rather large this did not phase the students from giving a good show. Most of the Americans experienced trad music for the first time, which they all found amazing.

Tomorrow the students will go to Evans elementary and pass over traditional Irish books to the young schoolchildren.

Day 6: Evans Elementary

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Today they shadowed the Americans to their classes for period one and then they went to Evans Elementary. The children spent the first few minutes chatting and getting to know our students. Then they went out to the hallway and left a message on the wall of Limerick Exchange signatures using some Sharpies.
Next they went to the library where the elementary students asked them questions on Ireland in a group interview, which they broadcasted around their school. The kids were all very impressed by Fiona and Angela's preformance of some Reels on the Fiddle and Tin Whistle. Terry finished off the interview with a Folk Tale and we then donated our books to the school library.
After a sudoku competition with the students they went down to the Cafeteria for a nice Thanksgiving dinner of turkey, mash potato, veg, gravy, sweet corn and pumpkin pie. After lunch they went back upstairs where other grades came and performed various pieces for them such as Recorders, Songs and Stories.
They finished off their visit with some board game.
In the afternoon they returned to Springford high and spent the last 2 classes walking around the school trying to find the classes they will be in tomorrow.
They went home, changed and went off to Bounce U. Bounce U is a big indoor complex with two rooms filled with various bouncy-castles: Slides, Stairs, Houses, Basketball Nets, Obstacle Courses and more. One room was dark, with lasers and lights and music and the other was lit. It was great fun. Everyone had a really good time.
We spent the night watching the new Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. It was a brilliant movie but all felt a bit cheated when it ended in the world's worst "To Be Continued...". Overall, it was an eventful, funfilled day. Everyone is loving every single day and who could blame them!

Day 4: Springford HIgh

day 4

Today they all went to Springford High and experienced a typical day of American school life. They were greeted with a warm welcome from the Springford Area School District staff, Springford students and parents. Ms. Castellano then gave them a tour of the school and they filmed a Shout out to their families. It will be available on very soon!! In the evening they went to a bonfire and had a lot of fun talking about the differences between life in Ireland and America.

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