American Exchange 14/15

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 12 & 13



Hello all, we were up so early it was before the crack of dawn. We headed to Killary Adventure centre where we did a range of activities from climbing, to watersports, to a BOG run, yes BOG run. for our American friends it was a serious culture shock. we had so much fun and we were doing activities and playing games all night as a group.

Friday morning we were taken out to the Aran Islands where a few stomachs were as dodgy as the waves hitting the Ferry. On the island we rented bikes and cycled about and saw the beauty of it. We saw Dún Aonghusa a famous fort on the edge of the cliffs and then faced the last ferry home, where unfortunately again some stomachs turned.

There is no point in talking about the Airport as there were so many tears and it would be unfair to put up those pictures but we would like to thank everyone from parents, teachers, bus driver, and all those who dealt with the group throughout the trip.

Until next year.....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 11


Today was the farewell dinner where we must thank all the parents for their great work and preparation of the fantastic food. We sat and ate as a big group, shared some pictures of the trip both in America and Ireland and then our American guests received a little token of appreciation from the school. a few tears were shed but that was nothing by comparison to the airport.

until tomorrow....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 6


hello all,

Today we went to Blarney where we went onto the grounds of the castle and then kissed the famous Blarney Stone. The bus home went to prove that there definitely is something about the gift of the gab.

After Blarney we went to Cork city where the kids got to go adventuring and seeing the town.

the weekend is all free time so you won't here from us till Monday

have a good weekend....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 9 & 10



On Monday and Tuesday we went to Dublin, We went to the Guinness Storehouse where we saw how they make and pull the famous pint of Guinness, After that we were taken to see the Book of Kells. After that we went on to see the city centre where we went shopping and also sight seeing. That night we stayed in the hotel where we went to the leisure centre and pool.

Tuesday morning we went to see Croke Park. We got the full tour of the 3rd largest stadium in Europe and then into the Dundrum Shopping centre where some of us shopped till we dropped.

tomorrow is the farewell until then

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 5



Hello all,

Today we went to Lahinch to go surfing on the beach, We were cold but thankfully we had our wetsuits. After that we went to one of the most scenic parts of Ireland, We went to see the Cliffs of Moher. Our American friends were amazed at the beauty and sheer height of the cliffs.

tomorrow we're off to bunratty

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