American Exchange 14/15

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 12 & 13



Hello all, we were up so early it was before the crack of dawn. We headed to Killary Adventure centre where we did a range of activities from climbing, to watersports, to a BOG run, yes BOG run. for our American friends it was a serious culture shock. we had so much fun and we were doing activities and playing games all night as a group.

Friday morning we were taken out to the Aran Islands where a few stomachs were as dodgy as the waves hitting the Ferry. On the island we rented bikes and cycled about and saw the beauty of it. We saw Dún Aonghusa a famous fort on the edge of the cliffs and then faced the last ferry home, where unfortunately again some stomachs turned.

There is no point in talking about the Airport as there were so many tears and it would be unfair to put up those pictures but we would like to thank everyone from parents, teachers, bus driver, and all those who dealt with the group throughout the trip.

Until next year.....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 11


Today was the farewell dinner where we must thank all the parents for their great work and preparation of the fantastic food. We sat and ate as a big group, shared some pictures of the trip both in America and Ireland and then our American guests received a little token of appreciation from the school. a few tears were shed but that was nothing by comparison to the airport.

until tomorrow....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 9 & 10



On Monday and Tuesday we went to Dublin, We went to the Guinness Storehouse where we saw how they make and pull the famous pint of Guinness, After that we were taken to see the Book of Kells. After that we went on to see the city centre where we went shopping and also sight seeing. That night we stayed in the hotel where we went to the leisure centre and pool.

Tuesday morning we went to see Croke Park. We got the full tour of the 3rd largest stadium in Europe and then into the Dundrum Shopping centre where some of us shopped till we dropped.

tomorrow is the farewell until then

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 6


hello all,

Today we went to Blarney where we went onto the grounds of the castle and then kissed the famous Blarney Stone. The bus home went to prove that there definitely is something about the gift of the gab.

After Blarney we went to Cork city where the kids got to go adventuring and seeing the town.

the weekend is all free time so you won't here from us till Monday

have a good weekend....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 5



Hello all,

Today we went to Lahinch to go surfing on the beach, We were cold but thankfully we had our wetsuits. After that we went to one of the most scenic parts of Ireland, We went to see the Cliffs of Moher. Our American friends were amazed at the beauty and sheer height of the cliffs.

tomorrow we're off to bunratty

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 4


Today we had a traditional day, we went to see The Model Primary school in Limerick City which is twinned with a local elementary school, Evans Elementary. After that we went to Pallaskenry to meet DJ Daly in his hurley making workshop where we saw how they traditionally made hurleys and some of us even bought them to bring them home.

That evening, Mr. Flannery gave us a hurling workshop in the hall, everyone enjoyed it even the Irish kids who may never played before.

until tomorrow.....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 3


Tuesday saw us in the school for most of the day, the American students shadowed the Irish students and got to see what our classes are like first hand, they also got to see our native language being taught. We did our shout outs home to parents and family members and In the afternoon we were treated to a presentation all about America and it's history, music, culture, food, politics and all the things to do in Pennsylvania.

After lunch we headed to UL where it was soon very obvious that an intense rivalry was about to start. Irish V American was the order of the day where the Americans were the victors in the hockey game but we restored some pride in the soccer game, winning on penalties.

At night we went to Dolans where we were treated to a set dancing class and a trad night. This really showed some of our guests could put Michael Flatley to shame with the moves on show. All in all it was a great night

till tomorrow.....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 2


Monday morning arrived and this is where we introduced our american friends to our school. We were greeted by Mr. Power the principal and we had a welcome breakfast prepared by the lovely staff in the school canteen and we got our exchange tops. After this Mr. Hayes took us on "Mr Hayes' mystery history tour" around the local area of Croom, Manister, Bruff and then to Lough Gur. We all enjoyed listening to Mr. Hayes explain everything with great enthusiasm and humour throughout.

In the Afternoon we were taken to Bunratty Castle in Clare where we were shown a castle built by the founder of Pennsylvania (where our guests are from)  and also how towns were in olden days in Ireland.

till tomorrow.....

L2L Exchange - Ireland - Day 1


Hello all, this is the start of a major adventure for our American guests. They finally arrived after months of waiting and an preparation for their arrival. We were all at the airport at the bright and early time of 5:45waiting for the group to come through the gate, little did we know our sign would be likened to something use for the gathering in 2013. Who knew Coláiste Chiaráin would be to the forefront of international relations. Our beautiful sign didn't last too long though as it was destroyed like the finish line of a race once the first of the Americans was seen coming through the gate. One of us got so excited she nearly caused a major incident as she ran through the gate because "they were coming out too slow".

After the excitement settled and we had arrived home we went to the Limerick V Laois hurling game in Kilmallock, where the group got to see one of the sports that makes this country so famous first hand. before we went for dinner we went to the local abbey to show of some of our beautiful ancient architecture that was actually older than America itself. We then went for dinner in the town and headed home for some much needed rest.

Keep tuned for more of our adventures over the coming days....


L2L Exchange - Ireland - Monday March 23rd


Céad Mile Fáilte to our American Guests on their first morning at Colaiste Chiarain.  

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L2L-Exchange - Day 14-15 New York

Hello all, the last two days have been in the biggest and most diverse city in the world, New York. In your time here we have been to Times Square, the 9/11 memorial, Central Park and received a tour of the UN building.

Our first day started with a 6am start as we loaded the bus for New York, two hours later we were in the city waiting for a show on radio city music Where we saw the Rockettes Christmas show. After that we went down to the UN building where we were given a tour around the building and shown where some international laws are made. Then came some free time where we saw some sights or went shopping followed by dinner in Ellen's stardust diner where aspiring Broadway singers sing to you during dinner. Saturday we went to the 9/11 memorial and were dropped to Central Park where some went ice skating or went sight seeing.

Then came the worst part of the trip which is traditionally the most brutal. Due to airport police and traffic laws around the airport we are literally dropped to the airport while the American hosts sit on the bus, there were tears and hugs but an overall feeling of see you again soon. Until the return trip bye from the blog


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Day 11-13

Hello all, due to some snow and our days off we haven't been upto too much, on Tuesday most of us went shopping and seeing the area mountain climbing, Wednesday we were snowed in (picture was from 6am) our activities were cancelled and that meant our fair well dinner unfortunately was cancelled too, today was thanksgiving so we all got a pre-Christmas dinner, where Turkey and ham are traditionally eaten. Tomorrow is New York so until then bye from stateside!


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L2L-Exchange - Day 10

Hey all, today was a fun day where we got to head out into rural Lancaster and see Amish country. We started with an all you can eat buffet in shady maple where some people took it quite literally. After that we were given a great tour by Mr Doug Landis a teacher from the school who lives in the area. We then went to Ms Rivera's parents farm which is one of the top rated in the state to see how they farm and work here. Tomorrow we get a day off so I'll keep you posted what we get upto, till tomorrow bye from stateside!


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L2L-Exchange - Day 9

Hey all, today was Baltimore. We got to head to see Baltimore and all it had to offer, including the national aquarium. We got to see all the fish and other animals live in a section of their habitats which was pretty amazing! After that we got some time to explore the city for some that meant catch up on some sleep! Tomorrow we're off to Amish country so till then talk soon


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L2L-Exchange - Day 8

Hello all, today we were in Washington DC where we got to see so many great sights from the Washington memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the White House and so many more. We started the morning with a three hour bus ride to Washington which wasn't as fun as it sounds, we then headed to union station where we got to relax, eat and walk around and see some sights, we then hopped back on our bus where our American counterparts gave us a guided tour of the history of what we were seeing. After we had done all that we headed to Carmines for dinner, later in this evening we got back to the hotel and had some downtime where we played music and had some fun as a group followed by hitting the hay quite late! Off to Baltimore tomorrow so until then, talk soon


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L2L-Exchange - Day 7

Hello all, today was a really fun day we were in a lot to f different classes being interviewed by the American kids asking questions about Ireland. All sorts ranging from food to the economy and everything in between. After school we went to Hershey chocolate factory and amusement park where we enjoyed learning about how they make chocolate here and also the rides were pretty fun. Till tomorrow bye from stateside


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L2L-Exchange - Day 6

Hello all, today we were involved in a Skype call to Mr. Kelly's tx group, we sat in while students from both sides of the Atlantic asked questions of each other. After that we went to Evans Elementary where we were treated to a few songs and dances from the kindergarten students as well as getting to meet and interact with 3rd and 4th grade students. We also signed a paper wall where we saw messages from everyone from Colaiste Chiarain that has visited the school in the past which was pretty cool! We were then interviewed and asked questions by the 3/4th graders about life in Ireland and our culture. We made presentations of books to their library and also ate a traditional thanksgiving dinner. Till tomorrow, bye from stateside


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L2L-Exchange - Day 5

Hello all, today we got to experience the typical American school day when the kids shadowed the students around the school and went to their classes (the teachers at home will be glad to hear some were taking notes in physics). Some of us were very fortunate to hear their competition choir who sound amazing! In the afternoon we presented about Ireland to the school and also made a presentation of a Hurley and Limerick Jersey to the school


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