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Senior Girls Basketball

Congratulations to our senior girls basketball team who reached the county final. They played a fantastic game!

Many thanks to their coaches, Ms. Rio McGonigle and Ms Ide Trant.

Green Schools Announcement

We would like to remind you that we are going for our 4th green flag this year. We are trying to reduce the number of people driving to school and instead get them to walk or to carpool. To raise awareness we have come up with the following ideas, we hand out flyers in the morning to people who we notice are not carpooling to raise awareness of the benefits of carpooling. We also would like to encourage you to walk to school or carpool more often. To encourage people to carpool and walk we have been handing out wristbands and stickers. This helps benefit everyone and reduces your carbon footprint.

Madrid Trip

Students from Coláiste Chiaráin along with teachers, Ms. Jean Cusack, Ms. Sara Martinez and Mr. Ross Lynch had a wonderful time in Madrid recently. The aim of this trip was to broaden the students knowledge of the spanish culture and of course the language!!

Below is an article written by fifth year student Amy O Carroll who was part of the fantastic journey!!

This year’s trip to Spain’s capital Madrid was a great success. We not only got to learn about the culture and history of Spain, but we also got to practice our spoken Spanish amongst the natives which was very beneficial. The trip was packed full of activities that broadened our knowledge of Spain in a fun and relaxed way. It’s fair to say that friends were made and that there was a huge element of trust gained between the students and teachers.

We all departed from Dublin airport at 6.30 on a Monday morning straight into Madrid. From the airport we travelled on a coach into the heart of the city to meet our tour guide Rufino.We were shown the most important buildings and sculptures throughout the city. On this guide, we also stopped at a small market which was situated just outside the city and was overlooked by a beautiful fountain. When the tour ended we made our way to ‘El Parque del Retiro’, a park with an artificial lake, giant roman sculptures and beautiful rose gardens. We were able to choose from a variety of traditional Spanish food in the restaurant. There were also little kiosks with dried fruit and nuts, a typical merienda (snack) which the Spanish eat. After lunch we went to the park’s artificial lake and rented out little boats, the directing of the boats around the lake was pretty difficult but with a bit of teamwork we managed.

It was then onto the Santiago Bernabeu stadium (Real Madrid grounds).There we got panoramic views of the stadium, a visit to the presidential box ,the dressing rooms, players’ tunnel, the pitch, the trophy room and the real Madrid shop. Monday night we ambled the streets of Madrid to the ‘Museo del Jamón’ (Museum of ham).Here we were served some Jamón Serrano which is cured ham on a piece of bread with olive oil, a very typical tapa in Spain.

Tuesday morning we set off for a Spanish lesson, here we got the chance to work purely through the Spanish language. We looked at old folk songs and anthems of Spain. We also played games through which we had to interact in Spanish. These classes were very beneficial to us as we were taught about culture and history, giving us a whole different understanding of Spain and its language.

Our next stop was El Escorial (the royal palace) situated in the northwest of Madrid in the Guadarama mountains. Here we saw some outstanding works of art including tapestries, paintings and sculptures. We also visited ‘El Museo de Reina Sofia’ and ‘El Prado’ during this trip, home to original paintings by Pablo Picasso, El Greco, Goya and Miró. I would recommend to anyone that appreciates art that they consider travelling to Madrid, there is some amazing works of art to be seen! After we had visited el Escorial, we went for dinner and we finally got to taste paella, a very typical dish of Spain. From the mountains we travelled to the original capital of Spain ‘El Toledo’- a beautiful medieval city in which ‘El Tajo ‘river flows through. This city has narrow cobblestone streets and houses with tiny windows. In Toledo we were guided through the city and told about the history and how Toledo was thousands of years ago. We visited places such as the cathedral - one of the most imposing cathedrals in Spain and a superb example of gothic architecture. I think every one of the students was in awe as we entered the cathedral. The ceilings seemed to go on forever .The altar was enormous. The most interesting thing about this cathedral was the burial areas of the priests and religious figures of Spain. They were actually buried in tombs underneath the cathedral, a plaque of solid gold on the cathedral floor marks out where they lie. There is also a red hat hanging from the ceiling with a rope. It is said that the longer the rope was, the more influence that particular priest had on the town in which he was preaching. We topped the day off with some bowling. I think it’s safe to say the words “knuckle down tommy” could be heard across the entire bowling complex for the duration of time we were there. Just another joke amongst the students that never stopped…

So after our bowling we headed back to our hotel for some well needed rest. In the morning we checked our bags out and got a bus to ‘La plaza de Toros’ - the bull ring. This tour was very interesting. These bull fights only happen at a certain time of year. El matatdor (the killer) gets paid thousands per fight, costume’s worn by these fighters are worth up to 6,000 euro and they are embroidered with silver or gold. We were brought to the centre of the ring where we could see the marks left by bulls’ horns. It was quite an experience, although I don’t think I could actually sit and see the bull being killed! We then headed to the city centre and we ate some ‘churros’ - another Spanish tradition. These are pieces of fried pastry that are dipped into a cup of melted chocolate, something you should try when in Spain. We then had the chance to go shopping for a few hours in the centre. Afterwards we headed back to our hotel sadly to get our bus to the airport and home to Ireland.

I would like to say thanks on behalf of all the students who partook in this trip to Ms Martinez, Ms Cusack and Mr Lynch for getting us from place to place. I don’t think it’s an easy thing to direct 27 students around a huge city!

Hasta luego!

The Schools' Business Partnership

Congratulations to our fifth year pupils who successfully completed the Skills @ Work programme!!

The Schools’ Business Partnership teamed up with the Kirby Group who introduced the Skills @ Work programme to students of Coláiste Chiaráin.

Employees working at Kirby Group, Raheen provided a firsthand insight into the world of work, to senior cycle students from Coláiste Chiaráin as part of the Skills @ Work Programme. This programme has been facilitated by the Schools’ Business Partnership (SBP) and is an initiative of Business in the Community, Ireland (BITC Ireland).

Employees of Kirby group spoke to the students about the real-life skills required in the workplace, such as CV writing and interview preparation.  They ran  ‘A Day in the Life’ session, among others to assist the students in recognising the value of completing the leaving certificate and helping them explore possible career paths.  The students were also brought on a site visit to the Kirby Group in Raheen and witnessed the many career opportunities that exist in the industry.

“This programme really helped our students develop important skills which are crucial for todays economy and it also helped them focus on their strengths and interests so they can achieve their potential", said James Galvin, Career Guidance Counsellor, Coláiste Chiaráin.

Michael Hennessey, Associate Director of Kirby Group said recently that “Kirby Group are delighted to be partnering with Coláiste Chiaráin to support the students in their final years.  Our employees are excited about getting involved and giving the students a taste of our real working lives.  It also gives them an opportunity to develop themselves in areas such as team-building, interpersonal and communication skills.”
Coláiste Chiaráin is very thankful to Kirby Group for supporting our school and its pupils. The programme was a huge success and we look forward to working with them again. Pictured is Ms. Judith Keane, Mr. Paul Breslin, Dr. Eleanor Walsh, Regional Co-ordinator of the Schools' Business Partnership and Ms Sarah Kavanagh, HR Manager.

Senior Girls Basketball

Best of luck to the Senior Girls Basketball team who compete in the Plate Final on Friday March 25th in UL. The girls will play against Colaiste Iosaef Kilmallock. The following students are involved: Ciara Finnan, Sarah Ohlendorf, Amy O'Carroll, Colleen Moynihan, Rachel Kavanagh,Vivienne Roche, Chelsea Cross, Hayley Quinn, Gráinne Malone, Amy McAvinue, Michelle Mason Roche, Victoria Hagney, Aoife Begley.

Best of luck to Grace Hickey (Euripides) who will captain the Munster U15 Girls Rugby team this Saturday March 26th against Leinster.

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